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We can do it!

Welcome to GECAD Ghana, where our slogan "We Can Do It" reflects our drive for excellence in supporting giants like General Electric International Inc. and Stone & Webster International Co. We offer comprehensive services from liaison to operational support, ensuring seamless project execution in Ghana. Our expertise in local and international coordination, coupled with our commitment to efficiency, makes us the preferred partner for navigating Ghana's market dynamics. At GECAD Ghana, we don't just promise; we deliver success and partnership with every project.

Our Services

Our Services

GECAD Ghana offers liaison services for effective project integration, efficient local procurement and logistics to maintain project timelines, and administrative support for on-site operational excellence.

Liaison Services

Liaison Services: GECAD Ghana acts as a vital bridge between international firms like GEII and local entities, ensuring smooth communication and project alignment. This includes coordinating with government agencies, managing client relations, and facilitating essential services, streamlining operations for efficiency and compliance.

Local Procurement and Logistics

Specializing in sourcing parts and services within Ghana, GECAD efficiently manages the procurement process and oversees the logistics of shipments. This includes tracking, clearing, and transporting materials, reducing delays and ensuring projects stay on schedule.

Administrative Support and Site Management

Offering comprehensive support for on-site operations, GECAD handles housing, meals, transport for staff, and maintains site facilities. This service extends to managing local labor supply, ensuring expatriates and local staff have the necessary resources for project success.

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